Allan Buntoengsuk | UX and Product Designer


Allan Buntoengsuk, NYC based product designer

Most recently at edtech startup Teachable, currently taking freelance design and consultation inquiries.

2017 - 2019


Relocated from SF to NYC to become Teachable’s first full-time product design hire. Stuff I’ve worked on:

Designlab / remote / design mentor

Mentored 18 students in Design 101 and UX: Interaction Design IxD

2016 - 2017

AdmitSee / San Francisco, CA / Product & UX Lead

First UX design hire at a seed-stage education startup, eventually leading both product & design. Work includes:

  • Telling your admissions story

  • Redesigning our signup, onboarding and checkout flows

  • Instilling our first user-centered design & research framework

  • Utilizing data visualization and machine learning to build features that match high schoolers to similar college students


Declara / Palo Alto, CA / Product Designer

First full-time product design gig, working on Declara’s Web and Android products. I was involved in:

  • Bringing discussion ability (our flagship feature) to our Android App

  • Dashboard redesign, with an emphasis on gamification

2009 - 2014

up & down cALIFORNIA

I worked some random jobs pre-design, including: hand modeling for a Pop Secret commercial, driving a forklift for a year, selling 5 Macbooks to Stevie Wonder during Christmas Eve and building 3D models of Volkswagens.

Eventually, I moved to San Francisco to get into design and build products for early-stage startups.

Companies I worked with during this period include: Volkswagen, Anthem Healthcare, Yahoo, Deutsch LA and Y combinator startup VetPronto.



Graduated with a degree in Sociology, a minor in Asian-American studies, and a lot of anxiety around what I’d do to get paid.

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